Corey Wood MB

The Thin Edge of the Wedge.

Unauthentic Rewards. Are they damaging relationships?

Have you ever worked extremely hard on a project, or closed a difficult account and felt like an indestructible work machine with the soundtrack from Chariots of Fire rolling around your head as you stand a few inches taller around the water cooler?  If so have you felt the reciprocal range of emotion as you are…

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Another Employee Recognition Program?… I’m out!

  Oh no… “Another Employee Recognition Program!” Negative emotions can run high in some organizations around these types of new program initiatives. The main questions are: How do you avoid this reaction and how can you maximize the adoption of your new initiative? Its a double edged sword for many companies wanting to increase KPI’s around performance…

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Why am I doing this?

To start blogging about Employee Recognition and Business Development  “NOW” seems crazy!  I have 2 young kids at home, a busy career with Kudos inc., and numerous side projects to eat my time as is.  The answer lies within 3 key reasons. 1) I feel the need  to make available knowledge that I have and seem…

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