Corey Wood MB

The Thin Edge of the Wedge.

50th Congreso Internacional de Recursos Humanos – 2015

I recently represented Kudos at the 50th Congreso Internacional de Resources Humanos 2015 in Mexico City and what I found was both validating and encouraging.  With over 4000 in attendance and 100 exhibitors I was kept very busy introducing Social Recognition to forward thinking companies that took time to visit our booth. Kudos KAPP Partner-Inteval México – Humberto Rodriguez,…

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Unauthentic Rewards. Are they damaging relationships?

Have you ever worked extremely hard on a project, or closed a difficult account and felt like an indestructible work machine with the soundtrack from Chariots of Fire rolling around your head as you stand a few inches taller around the water cooler?  If so have you felt the reciprocal range of emotion as you are…

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Kudos for Top down Culture of Engagement!

The question consistently is raised by customers I interact with ; “How can we increase engagement within our employees?”  Although the answer varies on a case-by-case basis, there are a few key approaches that seem to have a great impact for ongoing engagement growth. Create a Top Down Culture of Engagement is my answer. Just to be…

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