Corey Wood MB

The Thin Edge of the Wedge.

Knowledge is Power – Kudos adds enhanced reporting

Knowledge is Power; we at Kudos know this, which is why we have been dedicating considerable development time towards our new enhanced reporting options for organizations using our system. This was especially needed as we worked closely with MTN Telecom, Africa’s largest Telecom provider, in identifying specific metrics required by system administrators to make educated…

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Get out of the Cloud-Building strong client relationships one jump at a time!

South Africa is the place to be in February if you are from Canada!  I can assure you of this as it was -19 in Calgary when we left for Johannesburg South Africa where it was a balmy +31 degrees, I loved it! After almost a full year of weekly virtual meetings and a successful…

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Another Employee Recognition Program?… I’m out!

  Oh no… “Another Employee Recognition Program!” Negative emotions can run high in some organizations around these types of new program initiatives. The main questions are: How do you avoid this reaction and how can you maximize the adoption of your new initiative? Its a double edged sword for many companies wanting to increase KPI’s around performance…

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Why am I doing this?

To start blogging about Employee Recognition and Business Development  “NOW” seems crazy!  I have 2 young kids at home, a busy career with Kudos inc., and numerous side projects to eat my time as is.  The answer lies within 3 key reasons. 1) I feel the need  to make available knowledge that I have and seem…

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