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Knowledge is Power – Kudos adds enhanced reporting

Knowledge is Power; we at Kudos know this, which is why we have been dedicating considerable development time towards our new enhanced reporting options for organizations using our system. This was especially needed as we worked closely with MTN Telecom, Africa’s largest Telecom provider, in identifying specific metrics required by system administrators to make educated decisions on managing the core culture development within their entire organization.

When approaching this development we wanted to maintain 3 key criteria:

  1. Ease of use, clean, intuitive navigation and output
  2. Focus on purposeful relevant data
  3. Current real time data

With this criteria in mind and with a collaborative approach, we moved forward with building a reporting tool that we feel is a huge leap forward in further enabling organizations to improve upon their employee engagement. Knowing we can now offer current, relevant and accurate data to our customers in a self serve manner that is easy to use we can focus on analyzing and interpreting this information while further supporting our users.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.23.07 AMThe reports we are now offering are part of our current suite of reports found nested within the Kudos dashboard system. The first report we added is called “Qualities” and in many cases offers the most behavioral data. Qualities in this case refer to the use of the custom Value Library we offer and how employees are reflecting these traits (qualities) during specific reporting periods across specific Departments, Groups and Generations.

In the case of MTN this is perhaps the catalyst to them adopting an engagement system, gaining a clear understanding of how their core values, or behaviors are being modeled, understood and observed by their roster of employees. Before social recognition, there was no viable way to gain insights into these behaviors across 26 countries, 18,000 employees in 8 different languages, in real-time.

Understanding which Values are being used the most, and more importantly the least, MTN can now develop and deploy programs to encourage and refine how their employees interact with one another and their customers.
Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.22.48 AMOur second reporting module “Messages” focuses on tracking the actual messages, or recognition being sent, whether Peer-to-Peer or Manager-to-Employee. This looks closer at the recognition across the “Give-Bar”; Thank you, Good Job, Impressive or Exceptional. This deeper understanding as to how Departments, Groups or Generations recognize each other over a defined time period enables organizations to define KPI’s or goals for employees, supervisors and managers to be held accountable to. Whether SMB or Enterprise this data provides an excellent opportunity to understand how engagement is being sent organization wide.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.23.07 AMFor many organizations the third reporting Module “Activity” is essential for a clear picture of how the system is being used by individuals, groups, departments and the organization as a whole.   We do this by tracking 3 data sets; total users, or invited users, activated users, those employees that have activated their accounts and set a personal password, and lastly participating users, those employees that have sent at least 1 recognition post, commented on an existing post or k+’d a post within the selected time period.

In many organizations we deal with, like MTN, these reports also impact billing as a clear picture can now be seen as to how well their investment being made is being adopted by the employee group. This then enables relevant allocation of funds towards increased communication and efforts where needed to encourage activation or participation rate increases. Keeping tabs on these metrics can be applied to comparing managers or supervisors to each other or departments over departments to see if perhaps more training is required or adjustments in leadership styles.

The power of engagement for any organization is only as strong as the data it provides to the decision makers administering an ongoing program. Subscribing to the belief that Knowledge is Power, Kudos is making this more accessible for its clients and will continue to do so as we learn and grow collaboratively with feedback from our friends at MTN.

Corey WoodCorey Wood is a seasoned entrepreneur and Business Development Facilitator. He has helped businesses evolve for over 15 years providing strategic planning, training and sales support to projects in North America, Africa and Asia. 

Corey engages using on and off-line resources, placing a high-priority on services that are innovative and strategic. Currently he is Director of Business Development with Kudos inc. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

imgresMTN Group, formerly M-Cell, is a South Africa-based multinational mobile telecommunications company, operating in many African, European and Middle Eastern countries. Its head office is in Johannesburg.

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