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Why am I doing this?

Corey KudosTo start blogging about Employee Recognition and Business Development  “NOW” seems crazy!  I have 2 young kids at home, a busy career with Kudos inc., and numerous side projects to eat my time as is.  The answer lies within 3 key reasons.

1) I feel the need  to make available knowledge that I have and seem to repeat over and over to my pipeline, and client base.

2) I need a challenge.  I see my Call of Duty ranking increasing faster than my Linkedin ranking, and as a Business Development professional, this is the wrong metric I should be seeing!

3) I want to engage with like minded professionals.  My career will inevitably benefit through discourse, debate, and feedback from my peers.  I have read many other blogs by industry professionals, and often learn the Good, Bad & Ugly from their perspectives.

This 2015 resolution, I’ll call it, is a way to validate and escalate myself through YOU the reader.  I will work towards keeping to the point, and doing so in a way that doesn’t make you want to smack your head on your keyboard.  I look forward to being challenged, questioned and affirmed as needed.

Therefore unlike my gym memberships of years gone by, I will do my best to stick to my 3 key reasons for doing this.  If I begin to slip…I may just get a tattoo to remind me of them!



About the Author:

Corey Wood is a seasoned entrepreneur and Business Development Facilitator. He has helped businesses evolve for over 15, years providing strategic planning, training and sales support to projects in North America, Africa and Asia. 

Corey engages his clients using both on and off-line resources, placing a high-priority on services that are innovative and strategic. Currently he is Director of Business Development with Kudos inc. in Calgary Alberta Canada. 





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